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Configure team permissions

The PulpoChat team permissions feature allows you to easily configure what level of permissions each different user role in your team has access to and what actions they can take on the platform.

For example, by using Team permissions, you can allow or restrict users in your team the ability to read or reply to chats that were not previously assigned to them.

The account owner will automatically be granted full, uneditable Administrator access.

Invited team members, on the other hand, are given permissions based on the roles that they are assigned in one or more WhatsApp numbers.

By default, all team roles have full access to all chats within the WhatsApp number invited to interact, and they can take the full range of actions that our platform allows. Team Permissions enables you to restrict users' access or interaction with specific kinds of chats to increase privacy or productivity.

Team permissions feature is only available in the Premium plan. You can easily upgrade your plan if you want to start using Team permissions.

What permissions you can allow or restrict

The user's actions that you can control on Team Permissions are divided into 2 major categories. Each category has several main actions which, in turn, are subdivided into specific actions for each kind of chat that are specified later. Here are the 2 major categories with the main actions:

Chat access

  • Start new chats
  • Reading chats
  • Replying to chats

Chat actions

  • Resolve chats
  • Reassign or unassign chats
  • Delete chats
  • Block users

Each of these main actions can restrict users' ability to access or take actions in these chat types:

  • All chats
  • Chats that are in the "Pending" section and, therefore, are not assigned to any other user
  • Chats that are assigned to another user
  • Chats that are assigned to that one specific user, that is, chats that are in the "My chats" section.

Who can edit Team Permissions

Each role can edit the Team Permissions of the subordinate role. In other words:

The account owner can edit the chat permissions of Admins, Supervisors and Agents Admins can edit the chat permissions of Supervisors and Agents Supervisors can edit the chat permissions of Agents

How to configure Team Permissions

In order to edit Team Permissions, please follow these easy steps:

  1. From the number Settings panel, click on Permissions

  2. Open the drop-down menu by clicking that you want to edit, like for instance "Start a new chat".

  3. Here you can add or remove checks for each team member's role.

  4. For each major action, you can see at one glance how many sub-actions have been selected for each role. This way, you can easily see if a given role has full or partial permissions.

  5. Click on "Save changes".


Permissions are defined per WhatsApp number. If users have access to several WhatsApp numbers, make sure that they have the permissions you want them to have in each one of them.

Team Permissions only refer to actions that can be taken within the chat.

To know more about team roles and other actions that they can take on the account and WhatsApp number, please refer to this article about team roles.

You can also learn how to create and manage team members on your WhatsApp numbers in this article.

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