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How to proceed if your number is banned

WhatsApp doesn't have a fixed policy on how many times a number can be banned, as they evaluate each situation based on what went wrong and how serious it was.

If your WhatsApp number was banned, you appealed, and they let you use it again, but then it got banned another time, it's likely you won't get another chance to appeal.

But don't panic, you can still continue using PulpoChat by simply switching to a new WhatsApp number. Changing WhatsApp number is completely free and can be done whenever necessary. You do not need to create a new subscription, instead you can simply connect a new WhatsApp number by scanning the QR on the existing number subscription you already have on PulpoChat.

Before you resume your activity on the platform, you need to follow a few suggestions to avoid getting your new number banned as well.

1: Using a New Number

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